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(By Kayla Turner)

When you hear or read the word “silence” what do you think about?  Is this the type of atmosphere that you shy away from because it is uncomfortable for you, or do you embrace the silence in life with open arms finding peace in its simplicity? 
What about when it comes to God? Have you ever felt the silence of heaven? It seems as if you pray and pray but your hearing nothing in return.  You are trying to break through but it feels as if heaven has turned over the blinking “closed” sign and God has clocked off duty.  Well first, let me encourage you, that you are not alone in this! Every Christ follower has felt at one point or another that unexpected silence in their communication with God! Be encouraged that despite how you may be feeling; you are not alone, God has not abandoned you, and this is not somehow a sign that you are just not spiritual enough. 
Let’s look at David, a man that scripture refers to as “after God’s own heart”, that dealt with some of the same issues in his walk with God.  In Psalm 13 David cries out to God and says “How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long with you hide your face from me?” I love David’s honesty with the Lord, he bears all his feelings and fears to God.  This is what God wants from us as well, it is ok to tell God your frustrations and fears, it is ok to let God know how you’re feeling because he knows anyways!
So, we know that we will face these times in our lives but how do we get through them, do they serve any purpose, and will it ever end? Well the first thing to keep in mind is that even though it might feel as if God is far away at times, we can’t focus on our feelings that can easily lead astray, we have to focus on what the Word says, that God will never leave us nor forsake us (Deut. 31:6).  When you are feeling this way just declare the Word of God and stand on the promises of God! God’s presence is everywhere all the time, we cannot escape the presence of God and therefore we know that God will never leave us.  Be encouraged and never mistaken God’s silence for his absence, God is never absent.
Secondly, take these moments with God to simply soak in the presence of God even when it seems as if no communication is happening.  For example, when I am with my husband we can be sitting at home just chilling out, no one is saying a word, the TV isn’t on, nothing is happening, and yet we are both perfectly content because just being in the presence of one another is enough.  I believe God wants to have this kind of relationship with you as well, where you don’t have to be talking, God doesn’t have to be talking, but just being in the presence of one another is enough.  I actually encourage you to spend time with the Lord where you are not saying a word but you are just resting in the peace of God.  It is so powerful and invigorating!  Let God’s presence be enough for you and see how close you start to feel to him.
In the same Psalm that David cries out about feeling distant from God he also says, “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  I will sing the Lord’s praise for he has been good to me.”  Even in the silence we can know that God is good, praise him for our salvation, for his grace and mercy, and rejoice because God is good! So maybe you’re feeling distant right now, I urge you to praise your way through and let God’s presence be enough!


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