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CR Celebration Place


Celebration Place is not just “child care.”  It is a 52-week program that mirrors Celebrate Recovery’s one-year large group teaching schedule and curriculum plan.  So when adults are talking about a topic such as action, kids are learning about the same topic at an age-appropriate level.  Families benefit because they can talk about a topic when they go home.


Children who come to Celebration Place range in age from 5 to 13.  These children are from homes that have some kind of hurt, hang-up or habit.  They are also from homes where someone important to them has made a courageous step to begin the healing process at Celebrate Recovery.

What does that mean to the children at Celebration Place?  It means that new language will be introduced in their homes – language that includes words like denialsponsorinventory, and more.  Kids are curious creatures so they’ll be full of questions.  Celebration Place will help them understand the language of recovery.

Without intervention, these kids could very easily repeat the hurts, hang-ups, and habits they’ve seen modeled at home.  Celebration Place is designed to equip kids with practical coping techniques, strategies, and values to hlep them overcome patterns.

*Childcare is also available for infants through age 4.


  • Hope for all the amazing things God has in store for them

  • Truths that help them overcome life’s challenges by learning to lean on Jesus

  • Joy as they embark on a wonderful, year-long journey of songs, games, videos, impactful experiences, and great conversation

  • Friendships with other children

Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids with hope, joy, and happiness while they learn to rely on God.  John Baker, founder of Celebrate Recovery, says, “The Celebration Place dream is to put Celebrate Recovery out of business by breaking the cycles of dysfunction in our families.”


Celebration Place runs weekly from 5:45pm to 8:00 p.m.  The program includes free play time, worship time, teaching time, small groups and centers.  It closes with popcorn and a movie!

Have additional questions?  Contact Cameron Alder or call (863)647-3518.