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HP Counseling


Our mission is to assist individuals in the Lakeland and surrounding communities with emotional, mental, relational and spiritual needs to achieve their dreams, meaning and purpose in life, and to improve their overall quality of life, by providing cost-effective, professional counseling within a holistic, Christian environment.

Our counselors work alongside clients, who learn new skills that enable them to live a full and productive life. You and your counselor will develop a treatment plan together, with stated goals and objectives for counseling. Each plan is based on individual needs and is developed on a case-by-case basis.

All of our professional counselors are licensed or licensed-eligible in the State of Florida meaning they hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Counseling with 1,000+ hours of clinical experience. You may request a specific counselor if you choose, but sessions are usually scheduled according to first available appointment. All counselors are required to abide by Florida State & Federal Law.


Others have experienced similar situations. Chances are you will meet them at work, in church, at the mall, or in your own home. Here are a few reasons people seek counseling:

  • Addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex)

  • Finance Management

  • Anger Management (losing control)

  • Anxiety & Panic (panic attacks, social phobias, fears, obsessions, compulsions)

  • Depression (can’t get out of bed, can’t concentrate, irritable, crying spells, suicidal thoughts, mood swings)

  • Eating Disorders (binging, purging, not eating)

  • Medical Problems (coping with diabetes, chronic pain, disabilities, and others)

  • Premarital Counseling (get to know each other before tying the knot)

  • Relationship Issues (marital conflict, separation, remarriage, co-dependency, family struggles, parenting styles, divorce recovery for adults and children, blended family issues, overcoming an affair)

  • Transition Issues (moving, having a baby, living away from family and friends, getting a new job, career indecision)

  • Trauma (rape, victims of violence)


1) Schedule An Appointment
Appointments are conducted in private offices, where conversations can be kept confidential. Clients must schedule their own appointments, even if referred by another individual. A parent or legal guardian must also sign permission for a minor to receive counseling. A limited number of evening sessions are available but you may need to rearrange your schedule for the first visit as prime slots are typically reserved for those already committed to treatment. All counseling sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes in length (although the first session may take a little longer).

2) Emergency Procedures

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call the Polk County Emergency Operator by dialing 911 or go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room. In the event of a hospital admission due to mental health reasons, it is important to follow up with your counselor to monitor your progress. Please contact the Counseling Center 863-619-7690 upon discharge to schedule a post-hospital follow-up appointment. Post-hospital follow-up appointments are usually scheduled within two business days after discharge. Pastoral staff are also available for crisis appointments that are not life-threatening.

3) Fees
Our goal is to serve the community by providing high quality, professional counseling services at an affordable cost.

At this time we can receive payment in the form of credit card, cash or check made payable to Highland Park Church. The counseling center does not file insurance claims, but you may check with your insurance carrier and request coverage on your own. Fees for each session will be due and payable at the end of each session. We reserve the right to discontinue treatment in the event of refusal to pay for services. Fees do not include the cost of some materials (eg. Books and workbooks).

On occasion, the therapist may make a recommendation if he/she determines that external professional services are advisable. These may include, but are not limited to, support groups, community services, medical examinations, psychiatric evaluations, psychological evaluations, etc. Although your participation in these therapeutic interventions is voluntary on your part, we strongly urge you to comply with each recommendation. Your counselor will provide a summary to the referral source if you authorize him or her to do so. These services are not covered in fees paid to Highland Park Church.


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